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Orthopedic Surgery Experts

The Joint and Spine Center at TriStar Southern Hills Medical Center is a 20-bed boutique concept center dedicated to the wellness of patients who require any type of spine, orthopedic or neurosurgery procedure.

The Joint and Spine Center consists of highly trained, board certified physicians along with a dedicated team consisting of nursing and rehab personnel, discharge planners, and pain management specialists. The patient will experience Pre Op Education prior to admission so they will be in the know regarding what's involved during the hospital stay. Once admitted, they will enjoy a hotel-like setting in a private room with bistro dining and internet access. Meals and accommodations are available for a family member or "coach" throughout the patient's admission.

We treat acute and degenerative conditions which affect the spine and joints. The Joint and Spine Center offers patients the most advanced techniques and treatments to manage and resolve spinal and orthopedic conditions.

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Treatments Available

Treatments Available

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