Telemedicine Technology

TriStar Health is the region's largest telemedicine network providing life-saving patient care closer to home. If a neurologist is not on call 24/7, telemedicine allows immediate access for acute stroke care. Within seconds of a request for a consultation, a physician can position the telemedicine robot at a patient's bedside and connect via the Internet to a TriStar neurologist specializing in stroke care. The robot provides two-way audio and video communication and many remote presence devices, such as an electronic stethoscope. The TriStar Health neurologist can remotely examine a patient's ability to move and speak and even zoom in to allow a complete full exam.

Faster Access to Life-Saving Care

If you or a loved one is experiencing a life-threatening stroke, fast diagnosis through telemedicine allows the neurologist to give you the right treatment as quickly as possible to save brain function and reduce disability. As a result, emergency physicians can more quickly treat stroke patients in the ER and reduce or eliminate long-term stroke impacts on patients.