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Rehabilitation Center at TriStar Southern Hills

Experience. The Difference.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality rehabilitation services to each and every one of our patients. Experienced therapists follow a hands-on approach, guiding patients to an optimal level of physical activity and function. Treatment is personalized with each therapist providing one on one care for an average of forty-five minutes per treatment session.

Our Patients

Our patients have suffered from stroke, amputation, fractured femur, polyarthritis, burn, spinal cord injury, brain injury, neurological disorder, congenital deformity or major multiple trauma.

Our Team

Each patient will have a team dedicated to their rehabilitation: physicians, nurses, therapists, neuropsychologists, dietitians and case managers.

The Difference

Experience the difference at The Rehabilitation Center at TriStar Southern Hills.

  • Experience - Highly trained team with extensive experience in every facet of rehabilitation
  • Comfort - Private rooms equipped with hotel-like amenities, in addition to valet parking, free wi-fi, gourmet coffee shop, and more
  • Technology - State-of-the-art technology in equipment, monitoring and furnishings.
  • Dedicated - Private, dedicated floor means our patients have their very own unit, specially equipped with their recovery and comfort in mind.
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