Chair’s Review of 2013

Approved by the Oncology Committee on Feb. 25, 2014

In 2013, the Oncology Committee remained a strongly active part of our medical campus with well-attended quarterly meetings and multiple initiatives highlighted below. The oncology-related services at TSHMC continue to expand and grow in meaningful ways that are impacting our community for the better.

Campus wide developments have included on-site psychosocial distress screening for oncology inpatients on admission and concurrent with their stay along with staff training to provide site-specific cancer education to surgical breast cancer patients.

In the area of breast cancer, TSHMC’s Breast Health Program has further prepared to meet quality standards set by the TriStar Breast Program Leadership and consistent with future NAPBC accreditation, for which we are applying in 2014. We continue to grow the role of nurse navigator in this arena, to offer a wide array of on-site psychosocial and physical support including the After Breast Cancer (“ABC”) program at the YMCA and to meet quality improvement initiatives including improved documentation of reconstruction referrals and clinical staging.

Monthly cancer conferences, including our site specific tumor board and our TriStar-wide breast tumor board, continued to be robust clinical tools with 100% attendance from the various subspecialties involved and a growing number prospective cases reviewed. Additionally, all benchmarks in terms of the quality of our cancer data registry were surpassed with no quality issues identified on auditing. Dr. Jeff Seebach presented an update on colon cancer including staging and NCCN-directed therapeutic considerations that was well attended.

Our Committee continues to expand our oncology-related care and to focus on quality improvement thereof. Multiple milestones are planned for 2014 including NAPBC accreditation as mentioned above and CoC accreditation in the spring. I am pleased to present our report of a successful 2013 and look forward to continued growth and progress this year.

Jack W Erter III, MD
Oncology Committee